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Dear Friends,

We have discerned together, after quite a few years of keeping this organization running, that it is now time to shut it down. We want to let you all know the principal reasons for this. 

Firstly, and most importantly, we have sadly found that many of the people drawn to SERA over the years have been, in one way or another, fundamentalists who don’t actually affirm or respect the polity, openness, and generally non-dogmatic orientation of the Anglican Communion. Many are not in the Anglican Communion at all, or seem to be there reluctantly, and, for whatever reason, wish for the same kind of fundamentalist orientation that characterizes much of the Orthodox milieu today to characterize their involvement in Christian religion as members of the Anglican Communion. This is not reflective at all of our vision for SERA, and never has been. Our vision for SERA has always been the beauty of Eastern and early Christian Liturgy, mystical theology, and sacramentality in a context of genuine inclusivity and openness within the Anglican Communion. This seems to be a vision that only a few others share with us—probably too few to actually form a meaningful organization with any notable influence—and so we feel now that it’s time to pack up the tent.

Secondly, we are both very busy with active ministries and have found that we simply don’t have adequate resources to devote to an organization like SERA, which would need a great deal of time, finances, and energy invested into it in order to take it to the place we originally envisioned. As a matter of transparency, currently only $65 remains in SERA’s account. We will leave the website active through March 2021 so former members have access to the resources and then the website hosting will not be renewed. The SERA Facebook group, however, will be closed at the end of October. Any remaining funds after March 2021 will be donated to the Fellowship of St. Alban & St. Sergius ( If you are interested in remaining active in the dialogue between Anglicans and the Christian East, we encourage you to consider joining and/or supporting the Fellowship of St. Alban & St. Sergius or the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association (

Thirdly, largely owing to the first point given above, this project, which began as a strong passion for both of us, has lost its ‘flame’ in our hearts and minds, and therefore at this juncture feels more like a burden than a source of inspiration or a help in our spiritual lives and ministries. We will both of course continue to work passionately in our own contexts to bring more beauty, more diverse perspectives, more openness of heart, and more richness to our shared common life as Christians. We hope you will each do the same, in your own ways, and help more folks learn to celebrate novelty and diversity of religious expression, rather than to fear or negate it.

We want to genuinely thank all of you who did share our vision for this organization, and who supported us in one form or another along the way. And we wish you all an abundance of health, beauty, and blessing.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Justin+ & Fr. Brendan+